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episode one

Joe and Mai-Lan introduce themselves and what they hope to accomplish with REC'S podcast, Race to Academia!

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Yukiko Kobayashi Lui


Co-Director of Events & Accessibility
SJD Candidate, Faculty of Law

I am a doctoral student in the Faculty of Law. My research interests lie broadly in family law, social reproduction and feminist legal theory, and my thesis project focuses on care work in family law. As Co-Director of Events and Accessibility, I hope to help build solidarity among racialised students and scholars, while reckoning with the living legacy of colonialism that has shaped our relationship to the land on which our campus sits.


Charlene Wang


Co-Director of Advocacy & Development 
Master Student In Education

Charlene Wang is a master student in the department of Curriculum, Teaching and Learning at University of Toronto. She focuses on language and literacies in education. She is desperately eager to know more about peers from different backgrounds,to be one of them and share the distinctive cultural features they feel proud of. She hopes every student can enjoy their work, study and life, and more importantly, be comfortable and be themselves! Charlene loves everything about music, singing, dancing and traveling. If you have something in common, please feel free to join her.


Alexi Guindon-Riopel

Director of Internal Operations
Master of Public Policy Candidate

Alexi Guindon-Riopel is a Master of Public Policy candidate at the University of Toronto’s Munk School of Global Affairs and Public Policy. His research interests include criminal justice policy, drug policy, and the promotion of civic democratic expression online. He worked on these policy issues at various organizations such as Statistics Canada and the Canadian Public Health Association. He graduated from the University of Ottawa in 2022 with an Honours Bachelor of Social Sciences in Criminology.

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